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Make a Change: 

If you need to make a change to your policy, you must speak to a licensed representative of Hanlon Insurance Agency, LLC. 

Please contact us here.

Please remember that no coverage is ever considered bound until you have received  a written confirmation from our office.

You will usually receive a copy of an endorsement to your policy within 60 days, but don’t worry if it takes a little longer. If you have any questions about adding coverage or changing coverage, please let us know.

 Report a Claim:

We hope you never have a claim, but if you do, we are here to help. Although many companies have 24/7 claim centers, there are many advantages to calling our office to report your claim. Our claim specialists can advise you on the ramifications of filing your claim, and explain how the claims process works - eliminating frustrations which usually arise from the unknown.

Please contact us here.

 Request A Certificate of Insurance:

Certificates are a very important part of your insurance program. We recognize the importance of working on your schedule, not ours.

Place your requests instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your requests will be processed during business hours, and you will receive a confirmation within 24 business hours.
To make certain your requests are correctly and promptly processed, there are several simple things you can do:

1. Be sure to send us your request at least 2 hours prior to your deadline.
2. Make certain we always have either an email address or fax number for the Certificate Holder.
3. Provide all special requirements or endorsements required. If you have any questions on the requirements, please email or fax us a copy of applicable contracts pertaining to the certificate requirements and we will review them for you.

4. Make certain we have your contact information in the event we need to reach you.

Click here for a printable certificate request form

 Request a Renewal Review:

Life has a way of changing very quickly.

It is critically important to always review your insurance protection program to prevent any potential problem areas. Our insurance reviews are designed to help you understand potential risks, and to help you make decisions which are right for you.

Although it is impossible to cover every potential risk, these reviews will help you make intelligent decisions on key areas affecting your family and business. Our professional staff will help tailor your insurance program based on your answers, and are always available to answer questions and make recommendations.


37% of Claims Denied by Insurance Companies are a result of Unreported Property or Vehicles

29%  are a result of Unreported Changes in Your Business or Household

A Quick Review can Protect You and Can Eliminate 66% of Claim Problems. It’s Fast, It is Easy and it is FREE.

Please contact us here.

 Billing Question:

If you receive your billing directly from the insurance company, they have a special billing department to answer all of your questions.

We have listed below each of these companies, the phone number for the billing department and a hyper-link to their website for on-line payment when available.  






                                                  Billing Number

Amtrust North America                     877.528.7878

CNA                                                        800-238-0139

Chartis                                                   888-760-9195 

Firemans Fund                                    866.386.3932

Hartford                                                877-633-6544

Lexington                                              617-330-1100

Liberty Mutual                                     800-225-8285

Main Street America                          800-611-0958

Markel                                                   800-416-4364

Mercer                                                   800-223-0534

Navigators                                            973-455-7140

One Beacon                                          877.434.3900 

Philadelphia                                        877-438-7459 

Progressive                                           800-876-5581 

Safeco                                                    800-332-3226

Selective                                                888-974-7400

Travelers                                               877-754-0471 

Zurich                                                    800-382-2150